The Tuttles' Madcap Adventures

the tuttles' madcap adventures

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today i walked from one end of downtown to the other - down to the southside then back up to the river - with a little ice cream in between.  here are some of the quirky things i saw along the way.  that swing!  i love this city.

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Stare at the bartender long enough while he’s making a milkshake and he’ll give you some. #lifelessons @urbanstack

Stare at the bartender long enough while he’s making a milkshake and he’ll give you some. #lifelessons @urbanstack

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date night with the chattery

our awesome pal shawanda and her awesome pal jennifer started the chattery - a non profit that throws together fun and affordable classes around chattanooga - from calligraphy to home brewing to dairy culturing.

tuesday night we grabbed our friends, diego and malia and learned the history of the classic cocktail from repeal and serve’s jamion williams, “a historian and evangelist of cocktails ancient and modern”.  we learned all about old fashions (hint:  when you’re making old fashions, add more bitters.  don’t be scared of the bitters.), the martinez (key ingredient:  the maraschino liqueur) and the manhattan (my favorite part of a manhattan is the boozy cherry at the end).  it was so interesting to learn not only about the ingredients and the proper way to combine them but also the history behind each drink.

we had such a great time and are looking forward to taking more chattery classes soon!

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summer so far:  soccer at the weird patch of grass in the middle of downtown

we have no idea what this patch of grass is for, but it’s perfectly manicured, gated and small enough for three-on-three soccer.  so that’s what we used it for.  a match between Team Bellies and those other guys.  Team Bellies!!!  i can’t wait to show future grandkids these photos.

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summer so far:  golfing at cloudmont

it’s not a summer-time trip to mentone without golfing at the quirkiest golf course on earth.  that first hole where you tee off the top of a boulder?!?!  classic cloudmont.  ant hills on the green, gopher holes and of course the broken club in the garbage.  classic cloudmont.

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