The Tuttles' Madcap Adventures

the tuttles' madcap adventures

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our weekend was

…a much needed frozen-pizza-friday-date-night-in, catching up on the daily show and colbert report, drinking tea and going to bed early.  sometimes those friday nights are the best.

…a saturday that, according to kaylon, was “weather porn”.  it was crazy nice outside so we trekked up the hill to once again admire the tulips and once again camp out on u-joint’s patio.  later we wandered across the river to elemental for drinks with plants in them - if there’s a sprig of mint, a basil leaf, a stem of lavender or bits of rosemary in my drink, i’m sold.  aaron, an old co-worker, threw this minty gem of a martini together and it was so delicious.

…a sunday of laying around and reading books in the park, eating strawberry and jalapeno gelato at milk and honey and convincing our dear friend malia to ride the coolidge carousel with us.

…a wonderfully ordinary magical spring weekend.

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chattanooga in the spring is the prettiest (even prettier than savannah.  there, i said it.  bam!)

confession:  i know nothing about photography, i’ve been faking it.  i’ve had my wonderfully quirky pentax k01 for a little over a year and i love it!  however i still feel like i have no idea what i’m doing.  what’s iso again?  f-stop also escapes me.  and i really need to ditch this kit lens with its wonky auto focus.  it infuriates everyone i hand the camera to.  the cannon snob who took the group photo in the last post scoffed at my funky pentax and it’s auto focus.  it’s not even worth using, i’d rather fumble my way through the manual settings.  so friends, a crash course in manual settings is in my future.  in your future?  more photos!  because practice makes perfect, right?  and after a winter of running out the door with mittens, scarf, hat, jacket and no camera because too many accessories! we’ve got some blog posts to catch up on.  we’ve missed you and this, our little corner of the interwebs.

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march, in photos

1. spring has sprung and the tulips are blooming!

2. the longer days mean longer walks with the dogs.  look at that dolly face!

3. megan’s dad came to visit!

4. so we spent an evening with him in nashville, walking down broadway.

5. we joined this amazing rock climbing gym and now our arms hurt.

6. we celebrated a friend’s birthday by having a living room dance party with this crew.  kaylon’s carrying the bar in that bag - it’s not a purse!

7. and we people watched in the park.  always and always people watching in parks - it’s our favorite thing to do.

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lately the weather has been killing it!  we just keep wandering outside hopping from patio to patio, hanging out under pink trees and blue skies, chasing the sun.  i wasn’t ready to let go of winter, i wanted just one more snow day.  but this week’s peek of spring has won me over.

drink:  the basilberry sapphire at local 191

sit:  at Universal Joint’s patio all day, it gets the best sun

eat:  pancakes and mean green smoothies at enzo’s market

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because you’re dying to know…

last weekend for the super bowl, we decided to concoct an elaborate and sophisticated taste test.  we poured a taste of each beer to see if we could guess which was which.  kaylon and i failed miserably. but it was incredibly informative.  i, for one, thought i was a pbr fan.  my god, it was by far the most disgusting. i thought miller was the tastiest.  and by tastiest, i mean taste-less-iest.  since they were all so gross, i really just wanted a water anyway.  thanks, miller lite.

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our weekend looked like this.  a steady flow of good eats, good drinks, chilly but oh-so-sunny walks, good reads, cozy knits and more good drinks.  hot toddies, you guys!!!  who knew they were so delicious?  lately we’ve been delighting in this cold, quiet season - hibernating in our little nook, filling our bellies, resting and reading, being still, and drinking so many mugs of hot tea.  it’s been so nice and relaxing.  stay warm, friends!

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yesterday i was late for work.  this was why.  i hopped off the elevator, stepped outside, opened my umbrella, looked up and exclaimed, “oh my god!”  i ran back inside, hopped back on the elevator, grabbed the camera and made it back outside and took about a bajillion photos of this rainbow.  meanwhile the sky was turning yellow and orange, then pink then purple.  it was a brilliant 10 minutes.  and then it was just a monday.  a sloppy, grey, rainy, slow-moving monday.  nature, you fickle friend.

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it’s cold here everywhere.  we’ve been spending the last few freezing days in our little nook, reading books, knitting, eating french onion soup and missing our cozy wood burning stove in mentone that would keep our mugs of tea warm (but not really missing the poor insulation and the mere 5 minutes of hot water for showers in the wee cabin)  i can hardly believe it’s been almost a year since we moved here, yet at the same time it feels like we’ve lived here forever.

remember when we moved in?

and a few little peaks.

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