The Tuttles' Madcap Adventures

the tuttles' madcap adventures

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weekend in pictures


- an afternoon hike to climb some rocks.

- twenty dollars well spent at the farmer’s market.

- a drive down country roads.

- Art At The Barn art festival at Sweet Seasons Sheep Farm (baby sheep!!!  squeal!!!)

All that, plus the usual… lots of knitting, lots of reading, lots of front porch sitting, lots of painting, lots of gardening and yard work, lots of coffee and lazy mornings.  Lots of all of those little things that make our life a simple yet blissfully satisfying one.

How was your weekend?

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  1. patienceunlikedew said: I had a weekend full of journaling, celebrating the full moon, labyrinth building, drum circle playing, fireside singing, ATV riding, beer sampling, a dirty sand fight at the beach, with lots of fantastic conversations mixed in. Woo!
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