The Tuttles' Madcap Adventures

the tuttles' madcap adventures

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a week of enjoyed things…

Monsters that share.

Polite requests from the sidewalk.

We root root rooted for the awaaay team in Chattanooga.  We randomly found ourselves at a baseball game and they were playing our hometown Jacksonville Suns!

The scrap ugly blanket is getting uglier and uglier by the minute and I love it.

And yesterday the stray cat had kittens in the garage next door.  They are so cute!


Not pictured:

We started watching Buffy on Netflix a few months ago and we’re sooo close to the end.  Seven seasons of a silly show in 90 days… we kind of hate ourselves a little.  And the show… a lot.

And there are vegan hot dogs in our fridge!!!  Megan is delighted, Kaylon is not impressed.

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