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Project: Pallet Garden Bed

We mentioned earlier (here) that we’ll need raised beds for our garden.  We accumulated some pallets from friends and successfully made one garden bed per pallet.  Here’s how we did it:

The used pallets…

First we had to de-construct them a bit.  We used a crowbar to take the top boards off, leaving the bottom boards attached to the supports.

We set the top boards aside and sawed the bottom portion into four parts.

We used the four bottom parts, with the supports still attached as the base and the individual boards that we took off first as the top.  (Since you only need eight boards per bed, you’ll have some left over. We ending up making three beds out of two pallets.)

Then simply screwed it all together.

Et voila!

We’re hoping to construct about 10 or so of these little guys, planting them full of veggies and enjoying the bounty come summer-time.

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