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the tuttles' madcap adventures

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Etsy Shop Update

Did you know we had an Etsy shop?  We do!  It’s called Our Rock House.

While THE rock house next door (Kaylon’s Grandmother’s house) isn’t really OUR rock house, the name Our Rock House was kind of catchy so that’s where that came from.  Are you confused yet?  Here’s a diagram:

The name Our Rock House for the shop is now even more appropriate because there are some shop goods coming out of that house next door!!!  Kaylon’s mum (who also resides in THE rock house) made a backpack!!!  And put it in the shop!!!  Get excited!!!  It’s beautiful!!!

There are also some knit baggies in the shop knitted by yours truly (Me, Megan).

So, what I’m trying to say is…  Go check it out!  Here.

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