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Though we’ve still got a few more weeks til Autumn, this past weekend seemed like a final farewell to Summer.  And what a farewell!

It started off on Friday night with a hazy pink sky and the last Nightfall concert of the year.  We’ve been to almost every one of them, meeting new friends, hanging out with our neighbors, and seeing familiar faces on stage (hello, former coworkers / half of Rigoletto!).  Now what will we do on Friday nights?

We stumbled out of bed on Saturday and drove down to Mentone for the rest of the weekend where there were hot dogs on the grill, buckets of homemade ice cream, a pinata in the trees and tons of family and friends gathered for a birthday party.  We played a few painful games of horseshoes (we’re not very good… yet.) and finished off our little getaway with a canoe ride down the river.  Oh, how we’ve wanted to go canoeing all Summer.  We arrived home yesterday just in time to catch the tale end of our building’s weekly weekend cook out.

Relaxed on our patio with a glass of wine in hand we thought, what a great weekend, what a great Summer… festive, full of color, adventure and heat  We’re now feeling ready for the chill, the change, the shorter days, the flavors and the quiet settling in of Autumn.

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a mother’s day weekend in north carolina

This weekend we took a little trip to see Megan’s mom in the North Carolina mountains.  She spends summers there work camping at a dude ranch.  It’s a pretty magical place surrounded by mountain views, wildflowers and horses (obviously).

We spent the day hiking to Crabtree Falls and spent the night by the fire pit.  And in between we drove around to all the surrounding small towns, stopping into cafes and bookstores and junk shops meeting the locals.  We can’t wait to go back.

We hope all the moms had a great Mother’s Day!

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