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Oh hello, little space.  We haven’t forgotten you.

But August has somehow slipped right through our fingers.  The days are getting shorter, we can feel it.  The mornings are cool and the deer are running up and down the street more and more each evening.  Fall times are a-coming and we LOVE Fall times.

We really try to treat current moments with respect, giving them our deliberate attention.  But we can’t help thinking ahead.  Daydreaming and planning.  Getting excited about things to come.  Fall.  Football games.  Trips to Florida to see family.  Holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.  A possible move to a bigger yet still small city a little further North.  Scaling down our possessions and our life a bit with said move.  Big things, little things, new things.  Change.  We love change.

But for now, here is what is happening now…

We quite literally rolled out of bed and stumbled into Moonlight Bistro for some breakfast and then took the pups for a stroll.  The rest of the day is for baking and lounging and sun soaking and guitar picking.  Kaylon is now at the guitar with this mornings ‘Tune For A Lazy Sunday’…  this song.  Sounds real nice.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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