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Even though it’s Thursday, we’ve decided to just go ahead and start our weekend.  Because we’re Tuttles and that’s what we do!  And also because we’re both off tomorrow.

Here’s how our weekend might play out…


Go back to Coolidge Park and hope this violinist is there again practicing in his cutoff shorts and bare-feet.  Because last weekend, our behind the bushes, mini-concert from him was delightful.  (See him?  Behind the bushes?  He’s delightful.)


Make friends with someone with a canoe.  And launch.


Stand under the Bradford trees and pretend the falling flowers are confetti.  And then jump up and down in celebration because IT’S THE WEEKEND!


And this.  Oh yeah, naps in the park?  This is definitely happening.

What are you doing this weekend?

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friday + saturday + sunday

This is what our weekend looked like.


A night in with a Kaylon-cooked dinner and a card game.


A home-made jam taste test.  When you have this much delicious home-made jam (peach and grape and blackberry and pear) you make a batch of biscuits just to try them all.

And then we went a little crazy in the succulent aisle.  On the way home Megan says, “How am I going to come up with names for all these plants?” (She likes to name things.)  By the time we got home, she had them all named.  And they are Groll, Florg, Lucy, Pilar, Nubbles, Nurple, Death, Glark and Franz.  Everyone should be very concerned for our future offspring.  (Death?!?!  What kind of name is Death?)  


An afternoon on the golf course and what a sunset!

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le weekend.

1.  Still admiring cousin Sarah’s moss wreath.

2&3. The blueberries are bustin’ out!

4.  Reading + grilling.  And a truthful bookmark.

5.  Thankful that the new rainwater catchment was set up just in time to catch that last rainfall because this weekend was HOT and DRY and we had a hot and dry garden to water.

6.  Blue blue sky and art in Chattanooga on Sunday.

7.  Us.  Cubed.

How was your weekend?

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have a good weekend!

This weekend, we’re going to

-play more wiffle ball in the orchard

-sleep in

-bake our weekly loaf of bread

-will our tomatoes to ripen while we continue to feast on greens and beans

-make more items to stock the shop

-grab a sweater and a mug of tea and spend the cool evenings outside (only a week and a half left of Spring!)

What are you up to this weekend?

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